Whether it’s due to genetics or treatment, hair loss is a difficult time. We understand what you’re going through, which is why our medical and cosmetic wig consultations are conducted in private and intimate settings with a professional team focused on your needs. At Hair Health Center, in Rosemère, our mission is to help you recover your confidence. Our trichologists are by your side, ready to guide you.

    Perruque pour femme aux cheveux blonds cendrés.
    Perruque pour femme aux cheveux longs bruns.
    Perruque pour femme aux cheveux blonds mi-longs.
    Perruque pour femme aux cheveux bruns mi-longs.
    Perruque pour femme, cheveux blonds longs.
    Perruque pour femme aux cheveux courts.
    Prothèse capillaire pour femme aux cheveux longs bruns roux.
    Prothèse capillaire pour femme aux cheveux mi-longs de couleur blond foncé.
    Prothèse capillaire pour femme aux longs cheveux bruns raides.
    Prothèse capillaire pour femme aux longs cheveux blonds raides.
    Femme portant une perruque aux cheveux bruns bouclés

    A natural and stylish look

    We have a large selection of hair wigs for women, men and children. Discreet and of great quality, our wigs provide a very natural look. Our specialists will help you select a model that enhances your face and reflects the style you are looking for. You can choose the color, length and volume of your hair. The most important is that you feel good about yourself.


    Plusieurs styles des perruques médicales et esthétiques

    More than 100 models in stock

    We offer synthetic and human hair wigs, including the famous Remy natural hair wigs. The caps can be made by hand or by machine. In either case, the result is very natural. Maintenance and adjustments are done right here at the Hair Health Center.

    • Synthetic hair has the advantage of keeping its initial shape, which simplifies the morning routine. The result is very natural.
    • Human hair can be colored, straightened, curled and styled the way you like with your usual styling accessories.
    • Remy natural hair represents the highest quality available on the market. It is soft and shiny and has all the benefits of human hair wigs.
    Des perruques à l'effet de cheveux naturels

    Medical wigs

    Soft and comfortable, our medical wigs are specially designed to cover the scalp weakened by medical treatments (radiotherapy or chemotherapy). Depending on your needs and comfort, you can choose a wig with a handmade cap or a machine-made cap. We welcome you in a calm and relaxed atmosphere, which takes away the complexes and the discomfort. We’re here for you, pure and simple!

    We are proud partners of Sibelle

    Styliste qui entretient une perruque

    Maintenance of your wig

    To keep your wig (natural or synthetic hair) beautiful and in good condition as long as possible, it is important to take good care of it. At the Hair Health Center, we offer a large range of services for this purpose, such as washing and care with 100% natural products specifically designed for hair prostheses. We also repair and adjust wigs.


    Femme aux cheveux longs tressés qui fait un don de cheveux

    Angel Hair for Kids Program

    We are proud to contribute to the Angel Hair for Kids program. You can donate your hair in our salon. These will be used to create wigs for sick children. This cause is very important to us. We are the only hair clinic on the North Shore affiliated with this program.

    Consultation pour une perruque et des soins capillaires

    Hair care tailored to your needs

    Our trichologists are specialized in hair health. They can determine the cause of your hair loss and guide you towards the care and products adapted to your scalp. In addition to our different types of wigs for women, men and children, we offer a large range of solutions: hair replacement, laser treatment for hair loss, hair transplant, hair mesotherapy, PRP hair treatment and more.







    Hair volumizers

    psoriasis cuir chevelu

    Itching and hair diseases

    Itching and capillary affections

    greffe cheveux


    Hair transplant

    perte de cheveux et traitement laser


    Laser treatment for hair loss

    traitement perte de cheveux


    Hair mesotherapy