Whatever the problem that concerns you – hair loss, itching, dandruff, eczema, psoriasis, greasy hair, dry hair, scalp problems, lack of vitality – our trichologists will help you. We are the hair and scalp specialists and the pioneers in trichology in Quebec. For effective solutions adapted to your needs, we are the reference, and have been for over 40 years! We will be able to answer your questions and advise you according to your situation. Your hair health is our priority!

    Consultation en trichologie
    Trichologiste qui procède à une analyse capillaire
    Janie-Claude Lauzon, trichologiste certifiée
    Spécialiste en PRP cheveux procédant à une analyse
    Expertes en santé des cheveux et démangeaisons du cuir chevelu
    Consultation en trichologie et en PRP cheveux
    Analyse capillaire par une trichologiste certifiée
    Analyse de la santé des cheveux

    Iat certified hair clinic

    Spécialiste en perte de cheveux qui examine le cuir chevelu

    What is trichology?

    Trichology is the science of preventing, identifying and controlling hair disorders, the most common of which are : male pattern baldness, alopecia in women, seasonal hair loss, pelade (hair loss in patches), itchy scalp, dandruff, oily or dry hair, eczema, psoriasis, hair loss related to pregnancy, chemotherapy, hair thinning, damaged hair.

    A hair analysis performed by certified trichologists will give you a quick analysis of your scalp

    Consultation request
    Femme qui consulte en trichologie pour la santé des cheveux

    Solutions in 5 steps

    1. Consultation with a certified trichologist or trichology technician
    2. Hair analysis with a microcamera magnifying up to 200X
    3. Analysis of the pH and hydration of the scalp
    4. Identification of the hair problem
    5. Solutions: clinical care and/or adapted products
    Femme souffrant de perte de cheveux - avant et après les soins en trichologie

    Concrete results

    Your hair health is our priority. At the Hair Health Center, you will be supervised, followed and, above all, you will obtain solutions tailored to your needs. You will quickly notice a change in your hair’s health. For concrete results, look no further… Book an appointment with our trichologists for personalized care… and see the difference!


    I loved it and it made me feel better. I was served with Billy and she is very good. Thank you


    I was losing my hair… I had alopecia (baldness in women) and it is the care given by Ginette (trichologist) that allowed me to find a beautiful hair!

    Geneviève Roberge

    I would recommend everyone to go to this place for trichology care. I’m starting to see results myself and I’m glad. I am satisfied with my care.

    Pascale Langlois

    I discovered this wonderful place 3 years ago and have always been very satisfied with the results! Also, my hair is much healthier than before. I can definitely see the difference in my hair and it is getting thicker. Thank you Sophie!

    Marie-Josée Ouellette

    I am so glad I discovered this place! I recommend it with my eyes closed for trichology, hair care and hair styling. I had been losing my hair for 2 years… I was well advised, followed throughout my treatments and, now, my hair is healthy and full again.

    Nathalie Vachon






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