Chemotherapy hair care

    We know how difficult hair loss can be. As soon as the disease is announced and throughout your cancer treatments, our trichology experts are at your side. According to your needs, we have custom-made hair wigs for women, men and children. Don’t worry, today’s wigs are imperceptible and provide a very natural result. We will also help you care for and nourish your hair and scalp. We offer you all services under one roof. Taking care of your hair’s well-being is our mission!

    Câlin entre une femme ayant perdu ses cheveux dû au cancer et un ami

    Why does hair fall out

    Hair loss is a common side effect of chemotherapy. Hair loss is caused by the decrease or cessation of cellular activity in the hair follicles. Other treatments used in the fight against cancer can also cause hair loss, such as hormone therapy and targeted drugs. In most cases, hair grows back once chemotherapy treatments are completed.

    Perruques pour la perte de cheveux due au cancer

    A human and respectful approach

    At Hair Health Center, we welcome you in a calm and relaxed environment that removes complexes and discomforts. Consultations take place in private and in complete intimacy… We go at your pace, without any pressure.

    Perruques médicales de différents styles

    Customized wigs

    Our medical wigs are soft, comfortable and specially designed to cover the scalp weakened by cancer treatments. Some come with a handmade cap, others with a machine-made cap. Depending on your preference, we have wigs with synthetic hair and human hair. You can also choose the color, length and volume of the hair. Our hair prosthesis specialists will help you select a style that looks your best from our large selection in the showroom and on order. The most important thing is that you feel good.

    Good to know: the cost of a medical hair prosthesis is eligible for federal and provincial tax credits and a $500 subsidy, in partnership with CLSCs and hospitals. Keep your prescription!

    Foulard Sibelle pour la perte de cheveux chez la femme

    Adapted caps, hats and scarves

    We have a large selection of chemo caps and hats in different colors that will provide you with maximum style and comfort during your treatments, not to mention Sibelle’s ready-to-style scarves and bangs. At Hair Health Center, we support you in your hair transition before, during and after treatment.

    We are proud partners of Sibelle

    Coloration des cheveux après un cancer et la chimiothérapie

    Hair coloring after chemotherapy

    During and after chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments, it is possible to color your hair. However, it is important to use a natural vegetal hair colour. In our hair salon, we use a certified organic vegetable coloring which offers beautiful shades and allows you to revive the color of your hair gently. Our colorists, hairdressers and stylists will be able to advise you on this.

    Ensemble de produits doux pour les cheveux à utiliser après un cancer

    Hair and scalp care

    During chemotherapy or radiotherapy, the hair is more fragile and the scalp tends to swell. A moisturizing treatment will help balance the scalp’s pH level and bring you great comfort. Once your cancer treatments are over (within 30 days of your last treatment), we will make sure to stimulate the regrowth of your hair smoothly. Our trichologists are specialized in hair health and will offer you natural treatments tailored to your specific needs. Odorless and dye-free, the Wellness package is specially formulated to promote healthy hair during chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Made in Quebec, it includes two shampoos and two lotions made with natural active ingredients, not tested on animals.

    Femme aux cheveux longs tressés qui fait un don de cheveux

    Angel Hair for Kids Program

    Did you know? You can donate your hair at our salon. They will be used to create hair wigs for sick children. We are the only hair clinic on the North Shore affiliated with the Angel Hair for Kids program. This cause is very important to us.

    Les expertes du Centre Santé du Cheveu à Rosemère

    A recognized expertise

    Our clientele includes many women who have fought cancer. Since 1976, we have developed an expertise in both custom hair wigs and specific hair care before, during and after cancer treatments. We are with you every step of the way. We are the hair health benchmark on the North Shore!






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