Hair transplant

    The Hair Health Center is the only hair clinic on the North Shore to offer consultation services for hair transplant. You can meet with your surgeon right here in our Rosemère office, on North Shore of Montreal. In addition, you will benefit from personalized support from our hair health experts. We are at your side before, during and after your surgery.

    Femme qui consulte pour une greffe de cheveux

    Meet your surgeon in our offices

    At Hair Health Center, you have access to the most reputable professionals in hair transplantation. We work with the most renowned surgeons in Quebec in terms of hair transplants (FUE surgery) and strip transplants.

    Crâne rasé en préparation d'une greffe de cheveux

    FUE or FUT hair transplant

    Hair transplant consists of removing hair follicles (called grafts) from a donor area and transplanting them to bald areas such as the temples or forehead. There are two types of hair transplants. Both implantation techniques are effective. Our hair transplant experts will be able to advise you.


    • FUE hair transplant (Follicular Unit Extraction): this method consists of taking grafts with the help of tweezers that will be transposed on the bald areas. The donor area is shaved, which does not leave a scar. The FUE graft is the most innovative technique currently offered in the field of hair restoration.
    • FUT hair transplant (Follicular Unit Transplantation) : a strip of scalp is removed from the back of the skull. The grafts are then re-implanted on the top of the head or other, as needed. This method leaves a scar that is quickly camouflaged by the hair. The FUT transplant is an effective solution for people with a well established baldness.
    Homme heureux du résultat après sa greffe capillaire

    The benchmark in hair transplant on the North Shore

    Hair transplantation is an important investment.. We know this and that is why we do everything possible to make sure the procedure is a success. We have state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to perform hair restoration in the best conditions.. Our team of hair transplant specialists in Rosemère performs the preparatory meetings and the post-surgery follow-up.

    Before the hair transplant

    We use the latest European technology, unique in Quebec, which allows us to meticulously analyze the donor and recipient areas of the grafts. Our hair transplant specialists are thus able to make recommendations adapted to your needs and to prepare your scalp for surgery. Analysis using a polarized light microscope provides us with precise indications and reliable data on the condition of the grafts and the donor areas.

    Post-surgical follow-up

    You can count on the team Hair Health Center’s team to ensure the health of your natural hair and the preservation of your grafts following your hair surgery. We recommend a follow-up every six months, as well as the use of hair products with a high percentage of active agents.

    Avant-après: homme avec son remplacement capillaire Hairskeen

    Hairskeen hair replacement

    A non-surgical solution is also available to you. Hair replacement, also known as non-surgical hair grafting, is a partial piece of hair that we glue to the scalp to cover up thinning hair. Our team uses the Hairskeen technique, one of the most recognized techniques in hair replacement. It is a quick and painless process that provides a very natural result!

    Femme qui consulte en trichologie pour la santé des cheveux

    Personnalized hair care

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