Your hair health is closely linked to your global health. In case of itching, hair disorders or hair loss, naturopathy considers all the factors that can affect your hair and scalp condition. This approach is in perfect harmony with the vision we promote at the Hair Health Center. Specialized in hair loss and hair health, we are the benchmark on the North Shore since 1976!

    Produit Natures Sunshine (naturopathie) pour les cheveux

    Serving your hair health

    At our hair clinic in Rosemère, naturopathy is used in a global health perspective. Recognized for her expertise, our naturopath studies the various elements that can affect the equilibrium necessary to maintain your hair health: lifestyle, environment, diet, stress, hormonal imbalances, emotions and more. We propose concrete actions, all in line with the hair care products recommended by our certified trichologists.

    Janie-Claude Lauzon, spécialiste en perte de cheveux chez la femme

    Relevant advice, concrete results

    There are many reasons to consult a naturopathic hair care professional. Whether it is to investigate the causes of your hair problem, to maximize your treatment’s effectiveness, to obtain tools for maintaining good health or to receive advice on natural health, we are there for you. We welcome you with empathy, authenticity and transparency!

    Experts en naturopathie pour les cheveux

    Naturopathy, hair loss and more

    In addition to hair loss, naturopathy can help in cases of brittle, dull, thin and dry hair, oily hair, dandruff and itchy scalp, as well as for hair that is prematurely bleaching or graying, changing color or texture.

    Femme qui se brosse les cheveux

    A health care ally

    Concerns about your health? Talk to your doctor first! At the same time, did you know that our naturopath can help you optimize your body’s functions.. Get advice on balancing your metabolism, increasing your energy level, improving your lifestyle, sleep, stress management, eating better or maintaining a healthy weight! We can accompany you in the different areas of your health:

    • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
    • Children’s health
    • Hormonal balance (men, women and adolescents)
    • Bone health
    • Hair, skin and nail health
    • Support during seasonal changes
    • Immune support
    • Digestive health
    • Intestinal health
    • Detoxification
    • And much more!
    Consultation en naturopathie pour la perte de cheveux

    A two-step consultation

    1. First visit – the vitality evaluation (1 hour 30 minutes)


    The purpose of the first meeting is to gather your personal information, evaluate your lifestyle and health status. You will obtain a vitality report including recommendations related to your health objectives, as well as personalized advices on physical activities, diet, supplements and lifestyle. It also includes: the material you need, a pH analysis, a 30-minute follow-up by phone one week after the first meeting, promotions and access to health newsletters.

    2. Second visit – progress follow-up (1 hour)


    During the second visit, you will discuss your progress and difficulties.. Each visit is personalized. You will get the support and advice to help you reach your goals.

    Janie-Claude Lauzon, trichologiste et propriétaire du Centre Santé du Cheveu à Rosemère

    Hair Health Center and naturopathy: a common vision

    Please note: the advice offered during naturopathic meetings is in no way intended to replace the recommendations of a health professional recognized by the Collège des Médecins du Québec. Only your doctor can make a medical diagnosis and establish a treatment. At no time should you stop taking the medication that has been prescribed to you. Only your doctor can adjust or order the discontinuation of your medication. If in doubt or if you are sick, please contact your doctor.






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